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tRPC observability

Quickly instrument your tRPC APIs with vRPC


Data Visualization

Track API performance

Our tool offers a number of metrics out of the box to help you visualise your API performance, spot areas for improvement and catch bugs early.

  • Requests, duration and error rate out of the box
  • Powerful filtering
  • Logging and alerting
Terminal window
npm install @vrpc/client
import { vrpc } from "@vrpc/client";
const middleware = vrpc(appId, apiKey);
export const publicProcedure = t.procedure.use(middleware);
Simple Integration

Setup in just a few lines of code

Our tool provides a simple API that can be adopted in just a few minutes.

Lightning-Fast Performance

Designed for speed, ensuring lightning-fast performance even with large request rates.

Secure and Reliable

Prioritizes data security and reliability, ensuring your data is always safe and accessible.


For developers, offering a seamless integration that takes just a few minutes.

Pricing Plans

Choose the plan that best fits your needs and budget.


For individuals and small teams

  • 1000 monthly requests
  • Basic metrics


For growing teams and businesses

  • 10,000 monthly requests
  • Advanced metrics
  • Alerting & logging
  • Priority support


For large organizations and teams

  • Unlimited monthly requests
  • Custom metrics
  • Alerting, logging & error tracking
  • Dedicated support

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